Management Committee

Alastair Wallace


James Innes


Lesley Davies


Karen Collier

General Member:
Tony Cabban

General Member:
Ally O’Brien

General Member:
James Grigor

Non Committee roles

Play Planning Committee: Cherry Cabban, Penny Grant, Claire Schoonover, Francesca Ashby, John McDonald

Bar Manager: Claire Guest

Box Office: Karen Collier

Costumes: Anne Bentley, Rosemary Brown, Cherry Cabban

Lighting: Cherry Cabban, Kjell Elster, James Ward

Membership Secretary: Cherry Cabban 

Newsletter Manager: Roger Brown

Press Officer: Gillian Ashworth

Props: Margaret Steedman

Publicity: Tony Cabban

Set Construction: Martin Smith, John Ranger, Chris Waters, John MacDonald, Chuck Schoonover, Claudia Leischen

The Joy of Acting, acting lessons: Claire Schoonover

Social Secretary: Lesley Davies

Sound: Peter Bayliss, Paul Twomey

Studio Manager: Ally O’Brien