We are a legally constituted and registered Association. We were formed in 1976, you can read our History by clicking here.

The society is administered by an annually elected Committee which currently consists of :

Chairman: Tony Cabban
Vice-Chairman: Hugh Epsom
Secretary: Caroline Drewett- Mansell
Treasurer: Peter Griffiths
General Member: Rosemary Brown
General Member: Roger Brown
General Member: David Noble

Other posts:
Studio Manager: Pat Kitching
Press Officer: Gillian Ashworth
Publicity & Web site: Tony Cabban
Membership Secretary: Cherry Cabban
Box Office: Judith & David Goodall
Lesley Davies: Social Secretary
Costumes Team: Anne Bentley, Rosemary Brown, Cherry Cabban
Props:Margaret Steedman
Shed Management Team: Peter Messinger (Leader),John Ranger, David Noble and Martin Smith
Play Planning Committee:   Roger Brown (Chairman),Cherry Cabban, Eleanor Joy, Pat Doidge,Gina Grimsteed, Caroline & Phil Drewett- Mansell