We do hope you will come and enjoy this exciting new comedy.

Hot off the press, written in 2017, this comedy was written by Sandi Toksvig, a sharp-tongued radio and TV presenter. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, amongst many other shows.

The waters are rising around the Silver Retirement home in Gravesend and the residents stranded on the first floor are becoming anxious The staff assured them they’d be back to rescue them, but that was some time ago and they’re still marooned. However, far from being useless old biddies, there’s life in them yet, with a war-time daring-do attitude.

There’s Gloria, who wears somewhat avant-garde outfits, June who’s supposedly only there until her daughter invites her to move in with her, May, a liberal lesbian, Maureen a former amateur actor and a new resident with dementia whose name nobody knows. She’s confined to a wheelchair.

They’re nothing if not resourceful, and while planning their escape we learn about their backgrounds, interspersed with witty one-liners.

Silver Lining

 by Sandi Toksvig

Directed by Penny Grant

at the Unión Musical,  Gata de Gorgos from 16th-20th April at 20.00

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