Summer Show and Dinner

I, Colitus A Roman Comedy Romp!  by Bruce Kane

Director  Leigh Patterson

Tapas Dinner at Bar Imperial , Plaza Baix, Javea Old Town

followed by show in Casa de Cultura

                                     July 1st to 6th 2019: Dinner at 7.00 pm Dinner +Show 18€

We present a play that was written over two thousand years ago by an obscure Roman functionary by the name of Colitus Phlebitus. What you will witness is Colitus’s up close and personal account of Julius Caesar’s final days, from the Roman dictator’s first encounter with the sexy and ambitious Cleopatra to the events leading up to his fateful meeting with the Roman senate on the Ides of March.

Colitus also believed that there was nothing true students of history valued more than depictions of political intrigue, raw ambition, betrayal, murder and, of course, sex.  And, like all successful  historians, he built his account on personal observations, first hand accounts, second hand accounts, third hand accounts, self serving accounts, rumours, half truths, scurrilous lies and the rest (and I quote the author himself)  “I just made up.”  And now, after two thousand years…“I, Colitus