On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

Directed by Ron Skinner

November 7 to 11 2017

at Union Musical, Gata de Gorgos

A modern classic of American theatre and award-winning play set in summer in Maine, New England. It is brilliantly witty and humorous while an undercurrent of heart-break and suppressed emotion lies beneath.

You really are the sweetest man in the world, but Im the only one who knows it’’

This is a play about a couple growing old together as they take their annual vacation in a rustic cabin in the woods on the shore of a lake called Golden Pond.

Norman Thayer is a retired English Professor with an absent-minded air about him, struggling to recall past events as he faces up to the fact that his life is not too far away from being over. Ethel, his long-suffering wife, gets on with organising their affairs and tries to keep up Norman’s interest in life.

When their quiet, blissful vacation is interrupted by the appearance of Chelsea, their estranged daughter, for Normans 80th birthday, things look set to change. Chelsea and boyfriend Bill are heading for Europe and want to leave behind Bill’s 13- year-old son Billy. It is soon apparent that the father/daughter relationship has been under strain for many years, and in his conversations with his daughter, Norman is determined to fence off any warm affection he may be feeling towards her.

After a shaky start, Norman and Bill, a dentist, hit it off, but it’s the unlikely friendship which builds up between the old-timer Norman and the street-wise boy Billy which enables Norman to at last behave as a father. The result is that father and daughter are finally able to display some affection towards one another.

The play deals with the familiar struggles of family life; onset of age, disappointment, regret, love withheld, love unspoken but the script has many comedic moments springing from Norman’s acid wit and sense of irony.

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